I Left my blog somewhere around here, Right?

So many things to research and to start writing about, and so little time to finish any one thing.  That’s the problem I have with politics… Too many things needing to be fixed.

Well, I’ve been working hard, moving to a new house, moving in-laws into the house, then moving them out into their new house, and now I’m settled.  I would’ve been delightfully depressed if everything got fixed in Washington while I was away from the blog, but they have at least argued about a few new ways not to get anything done.

Upcoming posts, will include “Pro-Life-Choice: The Birth of a New Group”, “Party Reform: Immigrating Fresh Blood into Old and New Political Parties”, “Don’t Wait, Communicate” and “Intro to Ethical Capitalism”.  Any votes for the order of interest in these articles will likely count more than a Florida recount.

Premumble #1 : Who is to blame?

Definition of premumble: Whimsical, possibly unedited, thoughts, philosophy or bursts of idle keyboard moments.

There is a saying that always annoyed me: “When you point one finger, there are three pointing back to you”

This country has become so focused on blaming others for all our problems. Examples:

  • The “Party of No”
  • The last administration
  • Subprime loans and those evil corporations and super-rich

In our legal system, I believe it is still “Innocent until proven guilty.”  Unless it involves one person or group having more money than another person or group, then a general warfare accuses all rich people of being guilty and not giving anything back to communities.  Are their examples of greed and corruption by corporations and rich people? Sure. Is it fair to blindly increase taxes on all of them with no acknowledgment of greed and corruption in the lower and middle classes?

For all the fingers I see pointing out blame in this country, I see three times as many fingers (of responsibility) curled back trying to avoid attention.  Consumers make bad choices

Is Washington D.C. being invaded or has it been infested for too long?

There are groups and individuals that would like to kick everyone out of Congress, or at least (http://www.goooh.com) out of the House of Representatives.  How many want a new President of the United States? How many of those won’t have a choice because they don’t want a Republican in office and can’t vote for a different Democrat?  Last evening I was set up by being asked “Do I know a good lawyer?”  The obvious punchline is that no lawyers are good, but there are lawyers that are good at bending the law more than others to their advantage and there are actually many lawyers that have ethics in how they defend those who can’t defend themselves.  The same analysis can and should apply to politicians… in theory.

There are politicians that keep getting elected because they are on the right committee or for other reasons that do not have anything to do with their own contribution.  There are many politicians that do not get a lot of face time on the media forums, because they are actually focusing on their current job rather than campaigning for their next job or the next job of an ally.  If there is a new opponent that truly wants to contribute more, by all means, challenge the incumbent, but let us voters be wise about changing the playing field.  No need to throw out good babies with the bath water, or in this case, throw the good leaders into the Potomac.  Change everything at once and there will be no work done or no stopping the pork barrel flood.

Our votes are worth more than we realize.  There are changes I would like to see to our voting system, but there are (at least) 2 ways bad politicians win.

  • Low voter turn out.  Not voting is giving up or the same as voting for the bad guys.  It doesn’t matter if you vote for the lesser of two evils, or if you cast a vote for someone who never will, or never should, win.  And election day is not the only way to vote.  Find ways to communicate your views, whether directly with your representatives or leaders, or through the media.  All due respect to Ron Paul, but I don’t think he is electable as President.  He is very valuable to the primaries and election process.  His voice contributes to talking about things all the other candidates do NOT want to talk about.  In ways, that is more valuable than him winning the nomination, which leads to the second way the bad guys win.
  • Believing everything you hear/read, except the bad stuff about the candidate you like.  This isn’t about Fox News or MSNBC.  No candidate is perfect.  Every candidate has a foot that fits their own mouth.  Maybe your candidate isn’t guilty of the latest soundbite or scandal (yet), but there is something that you are guilty of forgiving them for that you are not for a different candidate.  If I don’t vote for Mitt Romney, it won’t be because of his religion.  If I don’t vote for Joe-candidate, it won’t be because of his/her past unless is has to do with the job they are supposed to do.  The point here is to not let the media distract you from what YOU think is important about a candidate.  They are all biased and they will continue putting a show on for you to draw your eyes/ears to something negative about an opponent.  We need to demand the focus be on what is GOOD about one plan of action, rather than having no plan and only pointing out what is bad about someone else.  I have tons of experience seeing how NOT to manage a department in the workplace.  That does not, by itself, qualify me to do a job any better.  It would only qualify me to continue criticizing what people do wrong, not what works.

On the D.C. Invaders line of products, I exercise my software developer dry humor on some things.  The mascots are dropping (wasting) money and trying to distract the voter with different campaign promises.  Regardless of party, all politicians waste money because it is not their own money and, usually, they are not spending it on themselves, so even Libertarians waste money.  On the back image, I would have added something for the equivalent of a “free life” for political reform every 5 or 10 trillion of national debt, but I don’t think we can wait any longer.  Do you?

Store inventory 1.0

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all.

I’ve spent more time working on images than the store and wanted to clarify the 1000 words I hope each product is worth.

First, the eagle icon in my header image and on all the products is my creation. It is not a Tea Party mascot as an earlier article may have implied. The political eagle, to me, represents whatever it takes for “We the People” to become more important than any political party or branch of government. If this country will remain a two-party system, this icon represents a reboot of bipartisanship. It’s about the people, Stupid. My Christmas wish would be that each branch of government be given credit, and blame, for its own actions. The President of the United States gets a lot of credit, and blame, for a large team of people, including Congress and the Judicial branch contribute to. This should change. For many years, Congress has been playing a game of forcing the timing of legislation through to blame negatives on the other party. Whether it works or not, Congress should get the P.R. for it and it should neither help or hurt the campaign of the President.

Second, CafePress has many products available. I’ll grow in knowledge of what looks good on what product selection. If you want it on something not shown in my store, I’ll make it happen as soon as I can. Planned sections will include Conservative, Liberal, Texan and Non-Conformist (for whatever doesn’t fit somewhere else).

Third, color. Please view your choice if a color selection is available. So far, most of my ideas are designed for white back ground or black background and may not transition automatically to other colors. I don’t like how the “big square” shirts look, so I likely won’t use that format unless requested.

Finally, for now, the U.S.A. (Unite to Save America – Less vs. More) shirt is a first version as far as the U.S.A. acronym. Constructive feedback on the concepts are always welcome.

No Politician Left… out of my new online store

Due to too much focus on writing and never posting larger articles and having too much work to focus on this website, I have at least created an online store to market my ideas through a more visual forum. I am awaiting my first sample of the products to verify quality (theirs and mine) myself. Feel free to sign up for the newsletter and contribute suggestions.

Cafe Press NPLB Store

Header image explained

There is limited space in an image to get my point across. The image is meant to be inclusive by extrapolation from the primary political parties/groups in today’s American politics. The Democrat mascot appropriately faces left. The Republican mascot appropriately faces right.

There are certainly other third parties on both the Left, Center and Right and there is also the Independents. Maintaining the mascot theme, I did not want to mix Party logos or images.

I found use of the porcupine image for the Libertarians. Since Libertarians are fiscally conservative but can vary on social stance, I placed them on the left with the image already facing right. I don’t think there will be objection to them being characterized center-left and keeping an eye on the way the Right should spend money.

The Tea Party is still a new player but has an unknown future at the time of this post. Optimistically, I hope for a strong effect of reviving what the Right should have been doing. Since they are so new, I had to make up a mascot (no animal drinks tea) and I decided to go with the eagle to reflect my hope of flying over the bar that Republicans (and Democrats) have set in recent years and keeping an eye on the attacks from the Left.

I have my biases or rather default stance that agrees more with a conservative philosophy, but it is more that I care how and when money is spent than what it is spent on.

I may highlight other Third Parties or movements at times, but aim to focus on strengths more than weaknesses.

Hello, World! (Reboot)

Welcome to No Politician Left Behind.

No one can truly say whether politics is getting worse or if it has ever really changed, relatively. We may have the same perspective, tolerance and/or distaste for the games we see played now, as those who lived with the political games 50 years ago or 150 years ago. So, hindsight does not give us an accurate view of how things felt in past times to those who lived through it. We cannot compare the current events to prosperous times of other Presidents, nor can we ignore the effect that network television and the internet have on the speed and intensity of awareness to what is going on across the country. I doubt we can even trust that we have learned anything from history since someone is always trying to rewrite it. Some great politics minds recognize that things in politics, just as in the environment, are cyclical, so the “great solutions” that pop up occasionally may just be regurgitation of past attempts to fix things. The one thing that we all can be sure of is that there is currently a lot of major issues we are not satisfied with and that the nation can never relax our effort to be a strong country.

It is my nature to be an optimist. Not all emergencies are as bad as they could be. Not all things need to be acted on immediately. Life goes on. That doesn’t mean something can be put off forever, though. I have a vision for this site and a book it will help develop. There are times to find someone to blame for our woes, but there are more than enough sites, shows and talking heads doing that. There will be issues that we need to tear apart and rebuild, or toss away, but blame cannot be the primary objective when jobs and security are in jeopardy. It is more constructive to focus a sharp eye on wasted resources and misdirection from making progress. Those in power now and in the past can be guilty of corruption or just making the same mistakes that anyone can make. If they don’t change their heart, nor learn from mistakes, then we should not hesitate to protect ourselves from more damage and keep them out of power. Stop new damage first, and then pursue punishment.

One of the primary guidelines of this site is: “Leave your ‘Bad Religion’ at the door!”

This is not an attack on any particular religion. Every group has its bad representatives. Every group, religious and non-religious, suffers from foot-in-mouth moments that haunt their credibility. Your ‘Bad Religion’ may be bad politics, bad activism, bad environmental scientists, bad sound bites, or bad religion. It may just be a misperception of religion based on the bad examples out there. I am Christian. I’m not here to apologize for the stupid or misguided theology of televangelists or people who knocked on your door or over-enthusiastic people you have encountered, or heard about, that tried to cram religion down your throat. I’m not here to answer trick questions or explain away the bad churches out there. There is no subject that I am afraid to debate, religion included, but I will have certain limits on religious attacks, personal attacks and partisan blindness.

Throughout this project, I will look for things to give recognition and praise to, things that have good intention but where implementation needs improvement, and find good-natured humor in almost everything else. Debate me in private or public, or debate others. I do have to hold a “normal” job, so be patient. Don’t pay attention to how old a posting or comment is. This site is older than it looks, and it seems the country’s problems are timeless. If it doesn’t add value to the site, then it may politely disappear. Have a thick skin or start your own site.

I will never have a reason to use anyone’s personal information or give/sell it to anyone, nor will I submit names to a right-wing (or left-wing) extremist list. Significant contributions will be given credit at the appropriate time.

Thank you for visiting.