Premumble #1 : Who is to blame?

Definition of premumble: Whimsical, possibly unedited, thoughts, philosophy or bursts of idle keyboard moments.

There is a saying that always annoyed me: “When you point one finger, there are three pointing back to you”

This country has become so focused on blaming others for all our problems. Examples:

  • The “Party of No”
  • The last administration
  • Subprime loans and those evil corporations and super-rich

In our legal system, I believe it is still “Innocent until proven guilty.”  Unless it involves one person or group having more money than another person or group, then a general warfare accuses all rich people of being guilty and not giving anything back to communities.  Are their examples of greed and corruption by corporations and rich people? Sure. Is it fair to blindly increase taxes on all of them with no acknowledgment of greed and corruption in the lower and middle classes?

For all the fingers I see pointing out blame in this country, I see three times as many fingers (of responsibility) curled back trying to avoid attention.  Consumers make bad choices


2 responses to “Premumble #1 : Who is to blame?

  1. So what about all the conservative blamers? Aren’t they guilty of exactly the same? You’re only hearing the things you want to be outraged by. The left does that too, but if you’re going to be better than that, show us.

  2. Absolutely right. The Left does it, the Right and Independents do it too. By “conservative blamers”, you could be those blaming the conservatives, or the conservatives blaming non-conservatives. Either way, work is not getting done.

    Contrary to many who claim to know what is wrong, I’m not claiming to know what is best for the country. I am claiming to be able to see WHY things are wrong, not just that they ARE wrong. Great example is healthcare. Both sides have defended an absolute stance on retaining or revoking the entire legislation the Supreme Court just upheld, barely.

    * I don’t like 5-4 decisions.

    Now, the Republicans should have published and submitted a replacement or improvements to Obamacare. Claiming it would be vetoed, they keep specific improvements on the secret back shelf so they Democrats would not steal credit for pushing ideas through from their own side. Hedging solely on revoking Obamacare entirely is not a solution, but the country has continued to change since “returning to day X before the changes.”

    Democrats have rested solely on defending the Affordable Care Act as if it has met all its goals. Healthcare costs are up and thousands of exemptions to Left-friendly entities and individuals will spell defeat no matter how much punishment of Republican-only super-rich is attempted. The work is NOT done and they are not doing anything because they have to pretend the “find out what they voted on”-legislation was perfect out of the gate.

    Self-denial and opposition blame games are only waste time and money. As this blog matures, my mantra will be “It is about the WASTE, stupid!” What money is spent on is secondary to any solution. It money is not spent efficiently, then it does not matter to the people who are struggling what the money is spent on. If money is supposed to feed the poor, no one between the source of the money and the hungry poor should get additional pocket or food money than the intended target.

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